Prayer Group

The Prayer Group comprises of a small group of ladies who meet every second Wednesday in the Church to pray over all the prayer requests received.  Requests are received in many ways and for ease there is a Prayer Request Box in the Church. 
All requests are treated with sensitivity and utmost confidentiality.
If you would like to make enquiries about joining the Prayer Group, please speak with Bevon who is one of the Southwark Pastoral Auxiliaries.
Our Prayer
Lord help me to remember that nothing is impossible to prayer because when we pray we bring you close and when you are close we are not alone or afraid.  We call on you and the world eases around me, there is comfort for my hurt and peace from my worries.  As one door closes we see another open wide before us, so let my whispered voice start each day with the promise of prayer, certain that with your name on my lips and your love in my heart all things are ever possible.  Amen
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Should you wish to request prayer, you may call or send a text to either of the numbers below:
Bevon - 07944 473423  or  Anita - 07932 721974